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M.M.B. Contracts

At Mudd Monster Bullies, LLC, we raise exceptional bullies in a loving and caring environment. Dedicated to following a responsible breeding program, our focus is on keeping our bullies healthy and happy for when they find their new homes. We also place a big emphasis on finding our babies a FUREVER home. Our contracts are carefully put together to ensure the health, safety, and livelihood of each puppy we re-home.

Contracts: Welcome

Mudd Monster Bullies, LLC.


Buyers are required to sign prior to dog/puppy being shipped or picked up. Failure to return signed contract to seller prior to dog/puppy ship date will result in cancellation of this contract which means buyer will forfeit any right to compensation from seller ever. 

Section I:

This portion can be filled out after buyer has made their pick. Seller will be update and send to buyer when seller has made their picks at 6 weeks of age. 

Puppy’s Call name: _____________________        Sex : __ M  __ F       DOB: _________________ 

Breed: ________  Type of Registration: __ Limited  __ Full 

Color/Markings: __________________________________________ 

Dam: ____________# _____________________ 

Sire: _____________# _____________________ 

Purchase Price: ________ Deposit received $__________  Balance: $__________ 

Section II:

To reserve your pick you must put down a NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT of $500. The remaining balance is due at the date of pick up. Should you decide later on that you no longer want the puppy that you put a deposit on we will not refund your deposit. Your deposit however can be transferred to a future breeding or puppy. In the event, that something happens on our end and you did not receive the puppy you put a deposit on we would then refund your deposit in full. 

A $500 deposit will reserve a puppy as follows: 

  • Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE 

  • If puppy/dog is being transported to the buyer, the entire balance must be paid one full week                Prior to the agreed upon flight / transport / delivery date. Puppy Transport at expense of buyer. 

  • If buyer will be picking up, final payment may be paid in cash only upon pickup. No personal 

              Checks, money orders or credit card payments will be accepted at time of pickup. 

Puppies will not be shipped, delivered, or picked up before 8-12 weeks of age. There are no refunds once puppy or dog has been purchased (meaning full or partial payment). 

Upon pick up you will be required to sign a contract stating that if for any reason you are no longer able to care for pup/dog at any point in its life you will return it to us with no refund. This is just to ensure that our puppies do not end up in shelters or the wrong hands. We would much rather our dogs come back with us so that we can find a proper home for them. We put a lot of time love and care into our dogs and pups and it would break our hearts to find out they have been mistreated or neglected in any way. We do understand that for some it is about the money so if that is that case, we will take the dog back and help place the dog into another home. Expenses that it costs to house dog while rehoming will be deducted from the sale once rehomed and that remaining money will be given to previous buyer.

This is a Mudd Monster Bully production and they reserve the right to include their kennel name on the puppy registration paperwork. All puppies purchased from Mudd Monster Bully must keep their original paperwork and papers and names cannot be illegally altered. If registration forms are lost after you have already received them, Mudd Monster Bullies reserves the right to $50 fee to new owner to obtain the form again.

Are you willing to sign a contract on those terms?

X Buyer’s Signature: _________________________________________


Health Guarantee:  

1.) Mudd Monster Bullies, LLC certifies that, upon receipt of the dog/puppy, it is in good health and has been immunized and dewormed according to the accompanying health records. However, Mudd Monster Bullies, LLC cannot guarantee that a puppy will have zero scratches, scrapes, marks, nicks etc. due to puppies playing with each other. This is common especially with International puppies as they are older and larger at 16 weeks of age when they depart, and the playing/rough housing becomes more intense. 

2.) This Dog/Puppy currently has the following conditions: ________________________________________________________________________ 

The above listed are excluded from any health guarantee and are not valid means to reject the dog/puppy due to said conditions 

3.) This Dog/Puppy is guaranteed to be in good health, however to validate this guarantee, buyer must have this dog/puppy examined by licensed veterinarian in good standing practicing in the state that buyer resides in within 2 weeks of receiving said dog/puppy. Buyer must inform seller via email upon receipt of dog/puppy (if not picked up or hand delivered). A second email will be required with a copy of the veterinarian health check results within 24 hours of veterinarian examination. Failure to comply within the above stated timeframe will result in cancellation of this health guarantee, but this does not absolve the buyer from the purchase contract. 

4.) Buyer is required to be able to provide documentation if requested by Mudd Monster Bullies, LLC of routine preventative care such as, but not limited to: 

  1. Annual physical checkup exam 

  2. De-worming, heart worm/flea preventatives and vaccines as per veterinarian’s prescribed regimen. 

5.) This dog/puppy is warranted for 1 year against fatal and life altering congenital diseases: includes sever hip dysplasia, kidney, heart, spinal, and liver problems. Conditions must be a severe life-threatening nature. Dog/puppy must have shown defect prior to 1 year of age, seller must be notified of problem within 48 hours of diagnosis from licensed veterinarian in good standing practicing in the state buyer resides. Buyer must obtain reports from (2) licensed veterinarians from (2) unassociated veterinarian clinics at buyer’s expense. Reports must reach same diagnosis and conclusion. Buyer must provide report from first veterinary examination to seller within 2 business days and make seller aware of date and appointment of second opinion examination. If both examining veterinarians arrive at the same diagnosis seller has option to have a veterinarian of their choice examine dog/puppy a third time at seller’s expense. In the event all (3) veterinarians come to the same conclusion then the buyer must return dog/puppy to seller within 10 days of the final examination. Once dog/puppy has been returned and is in good health minus specified health issue seller will replace affected dog/puppy with a dog/puppy of equal value within 1 year of the date of received said dog/puppy. If affected puppy dies buyer is required to have an autopsy performed to determine cause of death at buyers' expense. If an autopsy is not performed or does not show any congenital defects caused by genetics then no replacement puppy will be given. No full or partial refund will be given to buyer for affected puppy, replacement puppy will be chosen by seller and may not be from the same parents as the original puppy. Puppy is warranted against parvovirus and distemper for 48 hours upon receiving puppy.  

The replacement clause is not APPLICABLE to pups sold as a “PET HOME ONLY”.

Section IV: 

The Buyers Responsibilities:

1.) Buyer agrees to take good care of this dog/puppy and to feed and house the dog/puppy properly (indoors). Buyer also agrees not to use the puppy for any illegal activities. If buyer violates any of the above listed Mudd Monster bullies reserves the right to regain possession of the puppy. We do not tolerate dog fighting and WILL pursue legal action

2.) The dog/puppy will be controlled on a harness or leash when in public and when off the premises of the buyers dwelling. The dogs outside area will be fenced in and secure., or acceptable provisions will be made to assure the safety of the dog/puppy anytime he/she are outdoor unattended. 

3.) Buyer agrees to give the dog/puppy proper physical and emotional care.

4.) Buyer must agree that indoor housing will be the primary housing for purchased dog/puppy. If the dog/puppy are found to be allowed to run freely, found to be neglected, abused, allowed to live in poor conditions or primarily resides outside the seller has ALL rights to repossession of said dog/puppy. 

5.) If buyer has worked out a payment plan, Mudd Monster Bullies, LLC will come to an agreement on times of payment with buyer; a contract will be drawn up and signed. Puppy will stay in possession of the seller until the buyer has paid in full. Length of stay and terms such as price for boarding and food for the dog, if the stay extends too long, (16 weeks) will be discussed in payment plan contract. If buyer defaults on the payment plan after 8 weeks of age, buyer will forfeit all rights to the puppy and the puppy will be rehomed. Buyer will also then forfeit any payments already made to seller as well as the nonrefundable deposit.


Should Buyer choose to pursue a disputed situation in a court of law, buyer understands that the place of venue and jurisdiction is to be in the county and state from which the dog/puppy was purchased from. It is further understood buyer will be responsible for all the sellers' attorney fees. 

It is understood seller is not responsible for any veterinarian medical expenses. 

It is understood, this contract only applies to the original buyer and is not transferable. 

It is further understood, there are no other warranties, either expressed or implied to said dog/puppy except as set forth in this agreement. By signing this health contract buyer agrees and accepts all terms and conditions implemented in this contract. 

Buyers Name: _____________________________         Sellers Name: 

Buyers Signature __________________________          Sellers Signature: __________________________ 

Date:   ___________________________________         Date: ___________________________________ 

Address: _________________________________          Address: 

City, State, Zip ____________________________           City, State, Zip ___________________________   

Phone:  __________________________________          Phone:  567-215-1192 

Email: ___________________________________          Email: 


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