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Animal Transportation

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Providing excellent customer service, excelling in communication, and transporting your Pet quick and safely throughout the United States. 

We can do travel by air or ground. We quote all clients for both types of travel to compare to give them the best option for them and their pet!

All dogs must be paid in full for before booking me, otherwise I need to be notified of the payment arrangements that way I experience no delays in picking the dog up. Before I accept any transport I also require payment upfront. Once payment is received, I will ask for all parties' numbers involved to place us in a group chat for communication. This way you will be notified of any stops, delays, and my current whereabouts when I transport your animal. 

All future transports booked out for a week of the current date that you need, will need to have made a deposit of $100 which will be applied to the total cost of transportation. This deposit will lock in your pet's spot for transportation and is Non-refundable. If a transport needs to be rescheduled at any point in time due to sender or receiver, a rescheduling fee of $100 will be applied before time of rebooking.

If there is a delay caused by preventable circumstances by sender or receiver, a charge of $50 will be applied before drop-off.

Toledo, OH, USA


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